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You having trouble with email today too?


These mentions of spotty Verizon DSL mystify and concern me. We've yet to have a problem with ours. (now that I've said that, we will surely be cursed)
Our Verizon wireless on the other hand.....Bah.


Hair is over-rated once your married. She can't be shallow enough todivorce you over a receding hairline can she?

And just start calling you growing forehead the solar panel for the super-sex machine.


Sarah -- actually, I'm pretty sure that the DSL problems stem from the ancient wiring in our house. The sound quality in our phones stinks, too. We're just too cheap to upgrade, especially since the Rice King is the only person we ever call on the phone, and he doesn't understand us no matter what the quality of our phone line is...

Mrs. SubD

I am not that shallow and in the words of our two year old, his forehead would become a fivehead.


Email wasn't Verizon's fault. My wife pointed out that a reboot of the computer would correct it, as it does on her computer. I'm the one who's supposed to think of that stuff! Then again, she's smarter than me.

jo ann howe

I just came onto this site and had to say this:-someone created a web page for a chat room?? tsk, tsk.

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